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Home Motion by Somfy: So unique and so easy

Home Motion brings your home to life to protect you, save you energy and add comfort to your daily life.

Everything is based on Somfy motors…

There is a wide choice of Somfy motors. Each has special features adapted to the product it brings to life for example:

controls and automation devices

To decide

one or several products from a wall remote control unit inside your home.

To plan ahead

the movement of your home's doors and windows to a predefined schedule or create life scenarios which run automatically. For example: in winter , you can program the blinds and curtains to close at 8:30pm to keep in the heat. during the holidays, you can program them to open and close at different times during the day and per day of the week to simulate your presence.

to delegate

opening and closing to sensors (wind, sun, rain, temperature). A wind sensor, for example, can retract your patio awning to protect the fabric

New technology makes life so easy!

Take it easy…

and take control… with help from somfy

Create comfortable environments with delicately filtered light. Match your blinds to your interior designs &endash; adding texture, colour and style.

choose to have your blinds powered by a Somfy motor and you can raise and lower your blinds and pre-set them to adopt the ideal position, effortlessly, at the touch of a button.

If you choose full automation your blinds can provide you with protection all day long &endash; and protect your home even while you're out.